We have have searched high and low to put together a beautiful group of girls. We were not looking for just color. We wanted the conformation and health a French Bulldog should have. We want a French Bulldog  that is short, cobby, a  beautiful head and wonderful personality. 

This girl is amazing in so many ways. She is such a part of my heart. She has a wonderful compact build. She has more personality then any Frenchie possibly could. 
Vada                                              Lilo
Retired Girls. My heart girls
Yogurt has been a wonderful addition to our breeding program. She has produced some of the most beautiful blues. 
Below is one of her girls that lives in Canada with Cindy Karwandy
Blue Castles Lily of the Valley
Above is Lola and she lives in Austin
Blue Castles Lily of the valley
 Remi is a beautiful solid, thick and very correct girl. She is a black brindle that carries blue, chocolate and at. She has produced by far some the best quality puppies of all colors. 
Cassiee was my dream Frenchie from the day she was born. She is a chocolate fawn that carries blue and at. She is the sister to Remi, So her conformation is right on point along with that gorgeous color. Like her sister her litter was pure quality. 
 She was our puppy kept out of our Remi and Wolfie litter. She looks like her moms twin but in chocolate. She is a chocolate brindle that carries blue and at. The quality of her puppies prove that we just keep getting better. 
Our future girls
Piglet                                    Willow